Ever the Victim

I’ve been trying to get in contact with the lovely Bridget to ask if I could write a blog post about her question. Mainly because I think that I know why.

There a LOT of women out there who like to be the eternal victim…A LOT of them…They get into their mind, at some point, that they are always the victim…NO MATTER WHAT! Even Rowling! Her whole basis for writing the whole essay in the first place was because her cis male husband hit her (which he admitted too), and I think a lot of us have been waiting, ever since, to find out how that’s the trans communities fault.

I think this eternal victim mind set, is why a lot transphobic women don’t think I’ve ever been sexually assaulted. Simply because I’m not spending my time hating people. Mainly men of course.

I think it’s also a reason why a lot of the TERF male “allies” attack me as well. I’m not as stupid as their Harem. I see their gas lighting and manipulative techniques. Maybe because I don’t keep playing victim, I can stand on my own. I see straight through there shit. However, a lot of TERFs do not. As soon as man agrees with them, suddenly men can speak for us?

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