An Accidental Win!

I know that we all have our favourites, that we rarely deviate from. Have you ever though, accidentally discovered, something you just now REALLY love. When you want you usually love, got messed with up with something else?

After readings Sparks from a Combustible Mind blog, on Five Things Tuesday – Burgers, and after my telling them about yummy discovery, when my quarter pound was accidentally swapped for a Big Mac. It made me wonder, this can’t just possibly happen to me?


One thought on “An Accidental Win!

  1. If that sort of thing is a pleasant surprise then it’s sort of a gift IMHO…one gets to experience something one may not have ever thought of trying. BUT if it’s a nasty surprise…well we all think that “it can’t happen to me!” train of thought. Good point Lauren! ☺

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