I don’t “care”…Oh, my dear, you do

How many times have you seen on places like Facebook, Twitter etc that great saying we all just love and just know not to be true “I don’t care”. Oh sweetheart, its okay, we know you do.

I started writing this when I saw another TERF retweet someone and their comment was “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, I WANT ATTENTION”. Now this person who they were retweeting, literally was making a general observation about something. Later down this TERF called them a nobody. So as I pointed out, if they’re a nobody why are you not only clearly stalking their twitter (account). But how did you find this post, and why are you retweeting. Did they ask you to retweet it? For a “nobody” you clearly know them. Also though, they were saying (the TERFs) were saying that no one cares about gender fluidity. If Beyonce came out as gender fluidity no on would care. Well, they certainly proved my friend wrong by retweeting a nobody, whose talking about something no one cares about.

And the ONLY reason we even knew about this retweet was because someone who doesn’t like my friend anymore. Tagged them in it,lol.

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Now I find some things about Trump and Co, funny or really ironic, so I’ll go and retweet something of theirs, like people saying they don’t understand why everyone hates Melania so much. Or if I find something particularly troubling ie Kenosha (never that video though of him being shoot). I’ll retweet. I have yet to retweet somebody I think is a “nobody”, and then whine that they’re trying to get attention for something no one cares about. Except, if they tag me in it,lol

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