Teddy Bear Day!!!

In 1902, American President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub while hunting in Mississippi. The incident made national news. Clifford Berryman published a cartoon of the event in the Washington Post on November 16th, 1902, and the caricature became an instant classic.

As I am one Queen of the Teddy Bears…Needless to say, I have a few…I’ve started to find over the years that I really like unusual teddy’s,lol.

These are just a few…My oldest teddy bear is actually the big rabbit sitting next to Yoda there. She was given to me as a combination of Easter and Birthday present. Since they’re usually so close to each other.

My newest is probably Sarabi, even though she has probably been around since the animated Lion King. I’ve only just recently purchased her. However, Mila, the little white rabbit. Was bought for my birthday and I can’t remember who came first. So Sarabi is the newest one that I purchased.

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