Night Night, Sleep Tight

Do you have a bedtime routine, or do you just fall into bed? Lately I had been noticing, due to having no work, I was developing extremely bad bed time habits. I couldn’t help it though! For some reason, free to air tv here has started to have these really amazing crime shows in the middle of the night.

Ever since Covid19 hit, I feel like we’ve all changed in some way. Whether it is bad time habits or how we see the world. I am more aware of my surroundings. But the bed time thing always pretty much stayed the same, but even that’s changed. Because it’s not, is it? If our casuals contracts had been renewed, I would have never been up that late to watch those programs.

So, have you changed your bed time habits? No need to give specifics, but just curious. Now I have potential part-time work, it’s made me want to get back into a good bed time habit, even if I don’t get the job.

5 thoughts on “Night Night, Sleep Tight

  1. I’ve shifted earlier, which is saying something since I usually get up at 4:00. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been popping awake around 2:30 and am usually unable to go back to sleep. As a result, I’m going to bed earlier, so my whole schedule has shifted. As far as routines go, I usually start an audiobook on a timer and fall asleep while listening.

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