Well hasn’t that been interesting to watch? I don’t know whether or not to laugh, or to get seriously freaked out!lol

I just love how the GOP/Republicans are saying things like down with Hollywood, down with Celebrity. They do know who Trump is, right? And are they telling us, that all that really loud…whatever the heck Kimberly Guilfoyle was doing…was…natural?

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I have been mainly popping off and on Twitter, just to see other people’s reactions. So far, it really doesn’t seem like it’s anything new. Different days…Same s…

You know, this may seem like an unpopular opnion, but I don’t think that Melania totally hates Trump. I know this must sound weird, but in her own way. I think Melania, might actually, at the very least, like Trump. You know as much as Melania could like a person. I think that she definitely like all the things he’s given her. Like, her Einstein VISA and Trump using chain immigration to at least get her whole family here.

You know, her totally “hard work” to become an American Citizen. Can I say she wasn’t lying either when she said that he’s an honest person, because he does say what he thinks. She’s not actually lying, but Trump saying what he thinks, is part of the problem.

And what is with most of the Trump family wearing blue? Blue’s the Democrat’s colour, isn’t it?. Do you think they’re trying to send subliminal messages? PLEASE VOTE BLUE!!!

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