What to do, when you can’t get out

I basically wanted to discuss what have you all been doing to keep yourself entertained while during lockdown, self-imposed or otherwise. When it first started, I saw a lot of comments telling people, if people don’t learn at least one new skill during the lockdowns, then they’ve wasted it. I also saw a lot of people pointing out everything wrong with that…Which I was happy about…Mental Health…Is a tricky issue.

So what I would love to know, what you have been doing while you are isolating?

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For myself, I’m been doing things like, I am FINALLY catching up on my Goodreads challenge, but I am starting to fall back again.

I’ve started to garden, and the weirdest thing is that, the spinach is pretty much dead. However, the chamomile and spring onion is doing really well!. My mum turned to me and said “Only you could kill something Lauren, that’s basically a weed. But do really well on the hard to grow plants”. She gave me lavender and that’s pretty much dead too!lol

Funnily enough, I have not binged on any new shows. But I have been watching the Golden Girls…A LOT!

Been writing a lot of letters for penpals. It’s amazing how much I’ve realised I need to start writing more! My hand hurts after like two sentences,lol.

I had to restart my Discord channel! That was really annoying, because people were really starting to chat with each other! Especially about their writings!


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