Funny, because they’re true

  • We have more tools than ever to communicate, but we communicate less.
  • We have better Science than the Dark Ages, but we still choose to listen to the Dark Ages (well, WE, don’t).
  • We understand better how humans works and think, but we still have no sympathy.
  • Transpeople have been around for decades if not centuries now, and transphobes be acting like they’ve just popped from a cabbage patch.

80S 1980S GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

  • We have better understanding of a lot of things, but we (not us “we”) still think that we know everything, while proving that we don’t.
  • We accuse others of what we do ourselves, while having the world at our fingertips to find out what we CAN do, rather than accuse others.
  • We have so many “Rights” for ourselves, but what about others?
  • Too be honest, there’s not much to be “funny” about. Does that make this sad, but true instead?

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