The one thing I don’t understand about Trump Supporters, his enablers and Trump. How do they not realise that whenever they say something, they’re speaking that they want a Dictatorship? That they’re speaking for Tyranny, while saying that they don’t want that? Like those TS’s who say if you protest Trump, if you kneel…Then leave the country. Yet,at the same time, all were very vocal about their dislike of Obama.

Yet, they didn’t leave? They made their feelings VERY well-known. So why didn’t they leave? Or why are they telling people that they should leave, if people don’t like Trump?  The put up literally effigies of Obama, oh but you don’t like Trump?…Oh no, you have to leave now? There are so many things that I don’t understand about Trump supporters, and quiet frankly I don’t think they do either. But, I’m glad I don’t as well.

Oh, and did you all see that tanned suit worn by McConnell?

Gross Gag GIF by Tacoma FD - Find & Share on GIPHY

Jealousy makes people do REALLY odd things.

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