Moving On

Does anyone else find the public’s insistence of rehashing old photos of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, completely disrespectful? I do. Can you imagine being Jen, seeing people continually post these pictures of another time. Just “bam”, right there in her face? All the work she would have done to move on. And there they are?

Especially the ones calling them picture perfect, and soul mates.

How would these people feel, if that was them? This guy very publicly cheated and broke her heart. (I believe he called her boring at one point). Just to have to relive it because you both just happen to both be single now? Brad is not single because he chose that, he was made too. For good reasons.

I know that Jen seems like she’s perfectly fine with Brad now, but damn, if she gets back together with him. That’ll be my breaking point of 2020.

Also Depp, Heard…Move on…I swear their court battles have been going on longer than their marriage.

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