Do you really want to be a woman?

As I see the comments come in from more and more TERF’s. It makes me wonder…Who wants to be a woman anyway? We are horrible!

It’s always woman who decide that because a man has a pretty face, he can’t possibly be a horrible person (ie Ted Bundy, Johnny Depp).

We are always, and usually the majority, to say “What was she wearing?” When someone was raped.

It’s usually woman who cry false rapes. Damaging women who were raped (ie Tara Reid).

I haven’t seen a man, yet, cracking a fit and throwing store property, damaging it. Because they don’t want to wear a mask.

It’s mainly been women (lesbian and cis) spreading misinformation about transpeople.

We get periods and then menopause.

Childbirth is HARD.

Women are looked at WAY more harshly, usually by other women, if we don’t want kids.

As much as I love that breast cancer has so much funding, why do we think having breasts are more important than say prostate cancer. We don’t have as nearly much funding for cervix cancer, which is much more deadly.

While men are much more likely to kill us, and I don’t want this to sound like I making that less. It is serious. Women though, they may not kill as much, they do scar more people for life. It’s kind of like pit-bulls vs chihuahuas. People fear pit-bulls, because they can kill or do far more damage to us. Chihuahuas, they are STILL VICIOUS! It’s just that they’re smaller, so we think of them less vicious. They may not be able to kill us, but they can still do damage that stays with you for life. You think JKRowling is doing, wont stay with people for life?

It’s not called “Mean Guys”.

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One thought on “Do you really want to be a woman?

  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Right when I was looking for a life-partner amongst women, she posts this to make me pause and think again. I can easily marry a pit bull, but a chihuahua, hell in no fucking way! (Now you will see all those chihuahua-lovers kissing and hugging me all over).

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