Human Choices, means we CAN work together!

The best choice that we are given in this life, as human, is too love or too hate.

Too love and to hate is OUR choice to make.

They may be the only two choices we really get too make in this lifetime. Too love and too hate. We can’t really control our bodies, we can’t really control getting that job we want and we definitely can’t control winning the lotto…But…love and hate, we CAN control that!

We can control how we treat others. We can choose to inform ourselves.

There is SO much us vs them, when it’s weird because we all want the same thing?

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I think this is what I get the LEAST about #TERF this whole “support women”. Trans Activist are, you are not. How about ALL women #worktogether to bring the Patriarchy to heal instead of attacking trans-women? Too stop violence against women? Why are they SO us vs them…We are ALL women!

The people fighting over whose better Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren…They are BOTH fantastic candidates for VP! We’re all on the same level here, at least I thought so? Lately I’ve been having to unfollow a LOT of “Get Rid of Trump” people. It’s way too toxic. We all want to get rid of Trump, right? Which means we need a GOOD VP, and both ladies are GOOD…They are so good in fact, I wish that were in the nomination for POTUS.

In Victoria, they are now in pretty much total lockdown…Because, human beings are stupid. The people who were against masks, thought that the virus isn’t real. Are now the one’s complaining why didn’t the mask work? BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T WEARING MASKS! YOU THOUGHT THE VIRUS WASN’T REAL, SO DID NO SOCIAL DISTANCING. These people decided to listen to “political” news reporters, instead of Health Officials and now they’re complaining about them.


I literally had to point out to a woman, who was glad that they weren’t going to fund a woman’s rape center. On the off chance a transwoman, might sneak through. What absolutely INFURIATED me. The screw women woman further down in the conversation. Stated that she didn’t even KNOW that transwomen have been going to rape centers for literal DECADES! And she STILL couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t support them making separate rape centers for transwomen separately, when, clearly, it was SO bad with trans-women in the rape center…SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW! She literally said “Now I know, I’m going to fight it”…WHY…Because it was working so badly, you literally DID NOT KNOW!

Another one of her likers said, why can’t you work with us, instead of against us.

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Why can’t THEY work with ALL women, and help bring the Patriarchy to heal and HELP to stop violence against women? Or just help to stop rape, altogether. How does separating women who have been raped from other women who have been raped, helpful? There is no way in hell if transwomen being in a rape centre, wasn’t working, that there would be total silence. They probably would have by now.

Why can’t Warren and Harris supporters work together to get rid of Trump AND Pence!

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