I am ashamed…

Being white and a woman, right now…I am so sorry.

After seeing the most gender of people throwing a fit about masks, are women. Seeing most of the people hating on Transpeople lately are women. Who in HECK even wants to be a woman right now? I don’t want to be anymore…

It’s called “Mean Girls” not “Mean Boys” for a reason.

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Too me, depending which sex you are, isn’t just all about what sexual organ you or I have. It’s also, in the mind. Women, generally, are supposed to be the nurturers, the carers…We’re not supposed to be the ones, inflicting the same kind of harm that a lot of these “Gender Critical” women do, and who accuse men of doing what they themselves do.

I was assaulted by a man, but I learned to trust men again, because of men. So, I will be damned if I let women blame transwomen, for something, they have never done to these people. Life’s too short to hate on people who have never even done anything to you.





9 thoughts on “I am ashamed…

  1. I don’t believe people should feel bad about who they are because of the harm others who are superficially similar to them are inflicting.

    Do not be ashamed. I think we should feel more humbly grateful that we are on the side of equality, lifting up, empathy, and learning.

    Women and men like those you describe don’t represent me, and by your posts and Tweets, I don’t believe they represent you either.

    I really enjoy your posts.

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