Thank you

Please know, that you my blogging friends and community are GOOD people! No matter what, you are good people. No, I’m not planning to harm myself. But I needed you to know that ARE good people! Sometimes in the crazy world, and the loud people, being horrible and shouting more and more. It can sometimes feel like you are the bad one.

Thank you for being good people. Thank you for when you don’t agree with each other, for discussing with each other and kindly.

Saying that, I am taking the lovely Amir Ali Tayyab suggestion. Over this next week, I am going to randomly take snippets of myself, talking about different topics. I’ve decided over the next coming week, if I feel the topic coming on, I’ll either use my phone or computer and just film myself talking for a couple of minutes. So the video is going to be…well…everywhere,lol.

I was also going to suggest, if there’s something you would like to know more about myself, or what I think about certain topics. Please put some suggestions in the comments below…Or else…Watch this space for more!…lol



9 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. A lot of the people who use this site tend to be older people.
    So here’s a question back at you – as you get older, what is your role in life? Have a think about that before I tell you that, for me, the answer is a no-brainer. It is to encourage.
    No wonder to me that you think there are good people on here.
    I just came to the end of a series of posts where I revealed myself(!) mostly through the bits of music that were significant to me, why not try that? Doesn’t matter whether the music is brilliant or whether it is shit, it’s how it connects to you, is important.

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