Nurture Thursday – Life’s Too Short

Nurt Thurs – Life’s Too Short

I always wonder about haters, bigots, racists. They are clearly frightened of something, so why do they waste their time with hate? Why do you care if someone wants you to wear a mask for an hour or so, while you shop, to help others? Why do you care if someone wears a BLM top? Why do you care what a complete stranger does to their body?

Why does any of that matter?

What makes this people just SO angry?

I sit in my little home. Just going about my day, and then just see on my twitter feeds all this unnecessary hate. And I don’t understand how someone can just get to irrationally angry at strangers? Life is very short too be this angry at strangers.




One thought on “Nurture Thursday – Life’s Too Short

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    Anger and frustration is a human feeling which can be wrong for others but for someone who is going through their own hell (fury and fire), its something most important. Hating something or someone passionately is far better than someone being totally numb or a zombie. There are two sides to any magnet, South or North, there is no third side. I’m not justifying nobody’s hatred, just throwing in my own 2 cents about seeing hatred in others and digging deeper into their reasons with which I may or may not agree. But hating is as good a human right as loving someone.

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