Little Corona Update…Social Distance

I wanted to start by saying that, in my state,we are actually doing really well. We tend only be getting new cases, from people who are still coming in from overseas. So they are usually put into quarantine. At least, they have to stay in their homes for a while.

However, Victoria, they’re doing a little worse for wear. However, my brother thinks he knows why now.

My brother is a fashion/dress maker. He can work from home, which is great, but it does mean a lot of the big business he was going to be working with, are, for the moment, not, clearly not giving business. He does still have people who need the odd, dress, or some other people who can make videos from home, still want him to make stuff. So he’ll be alright, but it does mean, he still needs to head out and get materials.

I was recently watching a Instagram story of his. So, people are doing the right thing, they’re all heading to material stores to buy materials to make masks.

Problem is, no one was adhering to social distancing to BEGIN with. My brother had a woman so close to him, he could feel her on his jacket. He kept trying to cough and splutter, to get her away from him. She didn’t move.

He was saying, what’s the point of making masks, if you’re not going to start off right to begin with? All these people have just exposed themselves and others, the houses they go back to, to the virus.

My brothers message “logging off” was “We are never getting out of lockdown”. I must stress this though, my brother does not blame Dan Andrews, he blames people like Eve Black. Who think their “Right” out rank everybody else’s.



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