What to watch

I don’t know how many of you know this, but I am off of Facebook. Have been for a couple of months now and the only thing that I was really missing was “Red Table Talk” with Jada, Willow, and Gammy (Smith). That and knowing when people’s birthdays are.

So what can you watch, when you don’t really want go on Netflix, or you don’t want to watch the television. Just in case they pop in a picture of a dead child in there…You know those ads I’m talking bout! So I would really love to hear what you watch when you don’t really want to watch the “regular” stuff?

For myself, I have since found that I don’t need to have a Facebook account to watch Red Table Talk, which is great! The less time I spend on Facebook, the better off I will be. There a few channels on YouTube that I love to watch, and still do. However, the ads really annoy me. I get them, but they just bug me. I just don’t like ads, because I feel if I wanted what they were selling, I would have gone off and bought it already. We even have an ad right now, a badly made ad. It really does look like someone made it on PowerPoint. Adverting to give away free Bibles.

What Is It Reaction GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It is so dodge!

Even the email looks dodge.

That’s why I don’t like ads/commercials. You interrupted my viewing time for this! Those ads are being shown during prime time too. So how much did they pay for it?

At the moment, I still watch certain Facebook videos on pages that I like, you just can’t make comments. Which is fine with me.

I have started to listen to podcasts…So if you have a podcast, please let me/us know in the comments below!

With YouTube, I will watch videos (mainly music). If I can, I try to press “skip ads”. But it is really annoying, when you’re trying to listen to a video while doing something like “homework” and some commercial comes blaring on!

I still watch DVDs!






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