Nurture Thursday – New Twist

Nurt Thurs – New Twist

Its feels like every day at the moment, there’s just another twist in the horribleness.

  • There seems to be two types of Mums in American right now. The ones who actually get out and fight for others. And the others who sit behind a screen whining how more oppressed they are than transpeople.
  • That a lot of “Fck Trump” people keep liking Trump Supporters comments, because it suits their transphobia.
  • What is it with TERFS whining that people need to be more real, and then having social media accounts with no real name and no picture of themselves?
  • Let’s not forget the TERFS who hate men because they try to control us. TURN AROUND AND TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY SHOULD WITH THEIR BODIES! You focus on your OWN bodies!



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