One Name…

There’s a really good reason why I don’t listen to anything Trump says anymore, it’s either all:

  • Stupid
  • Dumb
  • Misinformed
  • Inflammatory

My partner though, for some reason, even though he doesn’t like Trump either. Will listen to news reports with Trump speaking. It drives me nuts! Mainly because he’ll say something really that makes me VERY annoyed.

My partner recently played a news report where Trump was talking about Covid19, I swear, he said “It has many names…The Virus, the Chinese Virus, Wuhan Virus”…No, it doesn’t have MANY names…It has ONE name…Covid19. It is definitely NOT “The Chinese Virus”. No leader, should be calling Covid19, anything else BUT Covid19 either.

Just like you and I, even Donald Trump, we all have ONE name. We may have nicknames, but we all have one name.

Maybe, he doesn’t know how to pronounce COVID19?

6 thoughts on “One Name…

  1. This China thing is bullshit anyway. If you were the CIA, and you accidentally (I hope it was accidental) released a virus into the world, where would you make it appear to have come from?
    The first *reported cases in the Media* were in Wuhan, but that’s as much as we can say.

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  2. I can’t listen to trump for the same reason. He says things like that to make people mad and deflect from some other awful thing he’s done like having anonymous soldiers grab “rioters” (liberals) from the streets. He also said in his disaster Chris Wallace interview that the US COVID19 death toll “is what it is”. What compassion. 🙄


  3. Not only can I not stand his face, I can’t stand what comes out of it either. The list of dumb things he says just keeps growing longer. I’m waiting for the day he says something intelligent and inoffensive.

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