I am tired of “people” like Liseth…My response below…

Liseth, don’t you have a happy life or something? I’m genuinely sad for you. Transpeople, are so few, that there is no way they could EVER infringe on cis people…EVER. Men or Women…So why so much hate towards strangers, that you wont let them live? Who truly hurt you.

I am SO over and so tired, of having to fight people. Because they so unhappy with their own lives, you racists, bigots…GET YOUR OWN LIFE AND LIVE IT! I am SO tired of it, there is no NEED to be this hateful towards others.

white person

I am not ashamed to admit, I am embarrassed to be white and a cis person, right now. It is embarrassing.

3 thoughts on “Tired…

  1. This is one of the things I just cannot understand – why would an already-beleaguered and historically belittled half of humanity want to make life even more difficult for another element of humanity? Trans individuals, but in particular trans women, take so much fire from so many different quarters, just for existing.

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    1. Transpeople are a minority group, within a minority group. Yet, people like cis woman, like transphobic women. Keep blaming transpeople for Supreme Court rulings. There was one “woman” who said that she wasn’t going to welcome transpeople into her home, but she would feminine men. And then got mad the me, for comparing her to white supremacist. Like I said to her “How would you know??” You’re going to start giving your guests prostate and cervix exams? Why don’t you just put a transpeople drinking fountain and non-transpeople drinking fountain while you’re at it!

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