M is for Moolah aka Money

I have been very interested to watch two of the biggest “documentaries” of the year. One is actually a mini series, the other is a documentary.

The documentary is called “McMillion$” which is about the McDonald’s game in the US. Where they found that people who were saying that they were winning the millions of dollars, but weren’t really winning the millions of dollars. The other is a mini series about the UK scandal that was “Who wants to be millionaire” *cough cough*.

Isn’t it interesting, what motivates people sometimes?

Both men in the situation, were both people who were involved in protecting other people. So what made them turn to defraud people? One was a former police officer until he developed a MS health like condition. The other was in the Army, and rose to the rank of Major, which is pretty darn impressive.

Is that just the way I think? Isn’t it weird? I couldn’t even begin to explain why, and only they will ever truly knew.

Uploaded by: ABBA

(Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus) © 1982 Polar Music International AB


2 thoughts on “M is for Moolah aka Money

  1. I watched the McDonald’s one. It was like one of those train wreck scenarios, where I just couldn’t turn away, and the story just kept evolving and drawing me further in.

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