Why everywhere else is better than Sydney

I don’t know why Sydney is as popular as it is. Many people say that Sydney should become our new capital city…Except for the fact, that it SUCKS!

As a REALLY good example, when Australia voted in “YES” for marriage equality. NSW, where we have the Mardi Gras, only JUST scrapped in with Yes. They were actually the state that voted the lowest “Yes” vote. I forgave them, because at LEAST they managed to just squeeze the “Yes” in -.- Sydney also has the biggest bunch of white conservative elites out of the entirety of Australia.

Sydney, where they have the Mardi Gras is had the biggest voices against “Yes”. My state is the “State of Churches” and WE had a bigger majority for Yes, than NSW did.

Because they have largest group of Conservative elites. These elite have systemically been shutting down and shoving away anything “out of the ordinary” in Sydney.

My narcissistic ex-best friend lives in Sydney, and she could not SHUT UP with how Sydney is just better than everywhere else. Which is probably a good reason why I dislike Sydney too. One time I went over there for her birthday. She had not bought a new red top for the occasion. The day of her party, she decided to finally go and look for one I asked “Why didn’t you get on already?” Her reply “Sydney’s MUCH better than Adelaide, I’ll be able to find one, if not two, so easily”. She didn’t and sulked the whole night, because she had wanted to wear something special -.-

Having a brother in Melbourne, I know how true this article is. Sydneyer’s think they are literally “the stuff” because they live in Sydney…and don’t they act like it! It’s not like New York, where people are actually good and pretty welcoming. Sydneyer’s are more like “I live in Sydney, I’m better than you”. -.-

Go to Sydney for the attractions, but travel literally anywhere else in Australia for the true warmth of Australia.

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