You too?

Anyone else feeling like these days that they are having more and more days that they just want to punch people in the face? Or is it just me?

Between Trumps demands for an apology for an hoax, that never was. The racist bigots, people saying that they agree with some of what Kanye West says, but never actually saying what they agree with. The transphobic lists of things that are neither real or ever going to happen. The Karen’s throwing child tantrums in stores. Or the white people saying “White people don’t get antsy around the police, so why do black people”. (I posted the picture of George Floyd being kneed in the neck, and ultimately killed and said “cause”.).

It’s like … OH MY GOD…

Kindergarten Cop Shut Up GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Is it SO hard for other people, to just let other people live? Get a freaking brain!

5 thoughts on “You too?

  1. Definitely not just you! My husband has had non-masked people come right up behind him in the grocery store, no distancing, and get mad when he asks them to please back up. Many won’t so he goes a distance behind them.
    People here in the US purposely trying to either get or pass on the virus!
    trump’s cruelty, idiocy, racism, and criminality along with the GOP apologists and his nasty supporters.
    Every day for four long years when we wake up: What’s he done now to ruin the country?
    I am not REALLY going to punch anyone, as I’m pretty sure you aren’t either, but I sure do think about it!

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