Stan a fictional character to be alone.

My partner was watching the new Harley Quinn and Ivy tv show, that’s too violent for kids and Quinn is voiced by Hayley Cuoco.

I haven’t watched it, but my partner has been and he brought up a really interesting thought and it got me thinking. Why can’t a cartoon just be alone?

My partner was talking about how in this new show, he didn’t know if Ivy was actually interested in either Kiteman or Harley. That she as portrayed in this cartoon as very apathetic. It had me thinking, in every portrayal I have seen of Poison Ivy, I have never once thought of her as a “sexual” being. I’ve never thought of her being with anyone. I started to realise that I have only ever seen her as asexual.

Is that weird?

She just doesn’t seem that interested in the human race, at all. Her thing does seem to be plants and only plants. She knows she can use her sexual prowess, but she’s not actually sexual herself.

Poison Ivy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The closest that I could think of her actually being interested in someone, was Dr Freeze. That was because he could help her plants grow.

Even with the whole Kiteman and Harley Quinn, she seems to flip flop with both of them. I think you can be in love with two people at the same time, but there is always someone else you prefer, just that little bit more. Whenever she leaves one, or is left, she doesn’t seem that upset with it.

We have so much representation these days, why not have a popular character, that is kick ass, just doesn’t NEED a partner. I know we live in a very much “relationship” obsessed society. But there are people out there, having no problem being alone.

Kaley Cuoco Dc GIF by HARLEY QUINN - Find & Share on GIPHY

High Five Poison Ivy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


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