We Are Family

…or not.

I have seen a lot of people saying they have to exclude their families from their lives, because the racism and bigotry is getting to much. As someone whose had to do this, not even for bigotry reason. Just mental health issues.

It’s totally fine.

Unless you feel that you owe your family something, then there is nothing wrong with cutting them off. There is no Law or Rule, that says you MUST obey and be friends with your family. That you OWE them any respect. You don’t. Our society tells us we must, but what society forgets, that sometimes, it’s family that hinders you and “help” you to feel even worse than before.

Sometimes it IS family that is the problem.

Sure it’s great to get along with your family, sure it’s great if you can all get along. But there isn’t a single rule or law saying that you MUST get along.



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