Blockity block, block…

Lately, I’ve started following Trump supporters. Especially the ones that just write really either obviously stupid lies or the ones…well…they’re the only ones really.

(Just letting you know that one paragraph seems to have made my writing go small).

I decided to do this, because whenever I’d get into a conversation, either because of the time difference. I’d come on the next day and it was fruitless to continue the conversation as something else always happened. Or it would just get lost altogether.

So I started to follow them, and it’s been such a change. Mainly because every-time they’d bring up something, I would ask and always politely, to prove it. Even just one thing. As examples, one was talking about how Trump was more unifying than Biden. I would then use an example of Biden unifying people, and ask them to now prove, with an example, where Trump has been unifying. I get block. They would say “You just don’t like Trump” and instead of getting defensive, I know have a list of things Trump was doing even BEFORE being President to show “Of course I don’t like him”. New York, his home town doesn’t even like him”. Then I would ask them to show me an example of him doing something I should like, I get blocked.

The most recent one has been this “woman” accused us of being racist. Because after we found that BLM activist Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau had been murdered and her murderer had been caught. We stopped hashtagging her name. So we clearly didn’t care about black lives. She was trying to tell us that her murder had everything to do with BLM, because she was an blm activist and she went missing during a BLM. She also called us fucktards, how could we not see the connection. As I pointed out to her. Her MURDER had nothing to do with BLM, as far as we know yet. It sounds like Aaron Glee (her murderer) probably knew her already. It sounded more like a domestic violence situation. I also said her murderer HAD been caught. What more else could we do?

I also pointed out that BLM, has nothing to do with general “murder” as such. BLM is to do with the alarming rate of violence against POC, from white people, and more importantly by people SUPPOSED to protect POC. It has NOTHING to do with “domestic” murder. I feel horrible for writing it as “domestic murder”.

I got blocked,lol. I have to admit, she really did annoy me and I called her a fucktard back. Because she KNOWS BLM has nothing to do with “domestic” murder. Which is probably why I got blocked, because I called her out her obvious bullshit.

It was really frustrating me when none of these “people” could ever back themselves up.

Meet Sarah…



So its okay for to call people she doesn’t know sluts and then see you next Tuesday…But can’t even STAND being called out on it! Sarah here, decided it was okay to call Alyssa Milano a “See You Next Tuesday”, because she doesn’t like her. I called her out on it…Blocked. I did get in though with a good old…One of her posts said “It starts with a C” after someone called her a slut. I got in though, just before she blocked me “Classy…It’s classy, isn’t it Sarah…Everything you don’t represent, something you don’t understand anything about. Everything someone with the little girls maturity mindset, like you don’t understand. What kind of grown up calls another woman a “slut” or a “cunt” because you don’t like them? Only teenage girls do that. And not all teenage girls, but definitely little girls like you.”


Though, I saw a tweet, that made me feel better. “It’s not that Trump supporters actually think Trump is smart or kind or a good person. It’s that he represents them, and makes their hatred and fear and bigotry feel like it’s okay to be like that. Hey if the POTUS can do it, why can’t I?”


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