30 Day writing challenge … Day 24

24. Write about a lesson, you’ve learned about the hard way

I think that the hardest lesson that I learnt is that it’s better to be alone, than to feel alone. When my Pa, my mums dad, died. I was in a relationship that I didn’t want to be in. I chose to stay. I didn’t want to lose anybody else. The problem was, when my Pa died, I lost probably the most positive male influence I had in my life. My partner at the time, was not a bad person, persay, but he had no backbone either.

His roommate hated my guts. I think he might be gay, and was in love with my partner at the time. My partner, had no backbone. I kept waiting for him to step up for me, he never did. I walked around the corner and found a fist in my face, from his room mate. When I told my partner about it, he said that I needed to stop making trouble.

We went out one night, and while we were waiting for the bus, there was this group of young guys who looked a little like they might be trouble. I realised after a while, that he, my partner, had gone behind me. Leaving my front vulnerable. Our mutual friend who was with us at the time, noticed this too and we started to make fun of him.

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I should have broken up with him a LOT sooner than I did, but I was frightened though, I held on. Went through another 6 months of being bullied and being used as a shield -.- It’s one of the rare regrets I have in my life.



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