30 day writing challenge…Day 22

22. Put your ipod on shuffle and post the first 10 songs.

Too do this, I closed my eyes and run my thumb up and down for a second or two.

  1. Genesis – In Too Deep
  2. Demi Lovato – Confident
  3. One Direction (DON’T YOU LAUGH!lol) – One Way or Another – Red Nose
  4. The Rasmus – In the Shadows (Radio Edit)
  5. Rihanna (featuring Eminem) – Love the Way You Lie Pt2
  6. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (I am starting to lose my ‘street cred’lol)
  7. AC/DC – T.N.T (Yes! Street cred back again,lol).
  8. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing (gone again,lol).
  9. Jessica Simpson – A Little Bit…Damn it,lol
  10. Celine Dion – I’m Alive

Well that’s my “street cred” well and truly gone,lol…The next one was Backstreet Boys  – I want it that way -.- lol

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