Who do you not trust?

We have a “new age guru” chef called Pete Evans. I don’t know how many readers on here are aware of him. He’s a chef, but he’s also a tv host on numerous “cook off” type tv shows in Australia. Also one of my ex-friends was really obsessed with him. Even though she hates children, like the others did. She would tell people like me, who were probably going to have children one day. That I should give my newborn bone throth soup, because he said so. For those who don’t know, the quantities that he suggested, are actually dangerous for newborns.

He has also been fired recently from a lot of his television shows, as a result of selling a $15,000 coronavirus “crystal health” machine. He is also anti-vaccine. Just your average new day “healthy” manic. Never liked him…

But I also have never trusted him. For one very big reason.

The mister (and his wife) and the mrs anti-vaccine, only crystal healing…Get botox. Amazingly enough, I have seen a LOT who do.



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