The Inhumanity

This is actually based on something my mum said to me this week. “Trump has shown the inhumanity of America to the world. They think because they call themselves Godly or Religious, that somehow everything they do is okay”. “That they have shown how America is not run by freedom, kindness, or dreams…It’s run by…

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I think my mum hit the nail on the head with her comment.

Even with the “Walking Dumb “protesters”…I refuse to keep calling them protesters. One person told me that “they’s just desperate”. Desperate for what though? Not spending some time with family? You seem them with their huge cars, if they can’t afford to miss one payment on it, then they should have gotten a cheaper car.

Then you see them with signs like this:

or this…


Even the video of the woman who was shouting at the Nurses and Doctors to get out the way. Did you see the size of her truck, compared to her size? What does she need such a HUGE truck for? It’s like I have always thought, people don’t NEED cars/trucks that size. They are always the people, who push in front. They buy them, because they don’t want to die, but they also don’t care about other drivers or people in the road, or pedestrians. They’re “I can’t trust my own driving, so I’ll buy a huge car to protect myself”.

There is nothing human about these “people”. You see people who have less than these “desperado’s”, doing more with what they have.

I saw a great poster and if I can find the original owner I will credit them.

“In past times, the Government has called on it’s people to put their lives on the line to save their country. This time, they’re asking you to stay at home to save lives. What is it about that, that these people are just NOT getting?”.

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