Always was always the bigger person … metaphorically.

If you’re new to my blog, you probably have not read my past posts about my REALLY insane Dads side, especially with one of my dads ex-sisters. My nearly 60 year old cousins, whose always lived at home with his mum and dad. Except for three months where we lived with his then fiance, across the street and three house down.

I started to noticed that my Aunt, whose obsessed with Facebook, Instagram and not in the good way…if there is such a thing…Suddenly had just started to stop liking anything on either of my social media profiles. At first I ignored it, and but then other’s started to notice it too. It was becoming so obvious that it was happening. I lost my dog, my partner moved house. All these big things have happened and not only did she not like any of the update, but I’ve heard nothing from them.

When my dog died, she kept telling me about how my mum lost the dog. When we had my Grans 80th, she didn’t like a single photo that myself and my partner was in. When my partner moved, total silence. Yet, a family friend of ours moved, she couldn’t stop liking all there things about.

For Christmas, they gave my partner nothing for Christmas. But they gave a family friends new partner a present. Like that was appropriate!

With my birthday happening in-between these things. My cousins birthday is a few days before mine. My mum said I should buy him a present and be the bigger person. After saying I would, I didn’t,lol. I don’t need too. I’ve done nothing wrong. It’s all in their weird world that I have done anything wrong. They have been disrespectful towards me, because they’re annoyed with my partner for stupid reasons.

  1. My mum made a joke about giving my partner her table, when he was moving. She had never liked the table, and thought it’d be a good time to get rid of it. That apparently pissed them off, like my partner asked for it…Which he didn’t. He also did not want it.
  2. They were angry that my Gran didn’t invite them, when they invited my partner. Who, too them, is not family. They are…apparently. Even though my Gran hates them.
  3. My partner is not a confident driving. So while I’ve been learning, my mum has been taking me for some lessons. Then we usually have lunch after. My cousin said to her “Oh, why can’t Terry take Lauren, and let me guess you (my mum) is going to pay for lunch.”

Like I said, stupid reasons. I pay for lunch, it’s my way of thanking my Mum for taking. Moron.

I’ve been angry with them for a long while actually, even before Pippy passed. As my cousin said to my Mum that she shouldn’t take our dog up to see my Gran. She should MAKE me look after Pippy, as payback for my mum helping with Travie when we were gone over Christmas. He has a medication he has to take every day.

In the long run…I didn’t buy him a present. They neither sent me a card or got me a present for mine.

UPDATE:My Aunt invited everyone from my Mums side to her birthday. but me and my partner. We realise that her “concerns” over my deactivating Facebook, are purely to find out if I was completely devastated by lack of an invitation. So my mums side are not going to her party anymore.

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