“Riots don’t just come out of thin air”.

I think that one of the things that was really annoyed about people like Trump, regarding the Minnesotan riots. Other than the obvious. Is that people like him, keep talking about George, like they even knew him. Or people like Trump supporters tried to justify their protests, because it wasn’t about hair. It was about small businesses not being able to open, when big business were.

Ummm, no, there were plenty of Karens making it about hair. There were literal signs and videos of them, making it about it hair. There were also a lot of Karen-type yelling “Freedom” while holding an opened Baskin Robbins or Big Gulp, who were in the background, opened. Also, a lot of small businesses (like hair dressers) are not deemed essential…Because, well, they’re not. They are also plenty of small businesses that have just put their products on websites.

Guess who can’t frequent small businesses anymore, no matter what. George Floyd.

These so-called “patriotic Americans”, decided they didn’t have to listen to POC being murdered by the people who were supposed to protect them. When Kapernick knelt, they said he should be locked up. He was a traitor. By the SAME PEOPLE who are NOW saying they should have peacefully protested first. They put Martin Luther King Jr quotes in their bios and profiles, but just as the same as when they put “Christian” in there too. They have no idea what that means.

What happened in people’s lives that makes them think a building is worth more than a person? You know who can’t walk into anymore buildings? George Floyd. He can’t walk into the building of his home, where he works, his mothers homes, his friends home. He can’t even walk into a Walmart anymore. He can’t walk into his own home anymore and hug his kids. He will NEVER be able to walk into his children’s home.

Quiet frankly I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before, and I’m surprised that people are surprised that this is happening now. It’s kind of like people who are still surprised that people don’t like Trump and never did,lol

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    “Riots don’t just come out of thin air”.

    The rest she spoke is worthy of reading, listening and pondering over and over until it hits home to change the status-quo on racism i.e. hating the people of color or just different from you. This hate-mongering and fear-mongering needs to be legislated “really” not via words alone. Hundreds, if not thousands of racist cops are still out in the streets against whom complaints have already been filed but nothing has been done, until one fine day, one of these mentally retarded cops kill another George Floyd on American streets.

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      1. As of now, there are hundreds, if not thousands of cops on the streets right now with that kind of horrible record. This needs to change.

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