30 Day writing challenge… Day 2

2. Write about something that someone told you about yourself, that you never forgot.

Someone once told me that, because I’m such a laid-back person. When I’m mad, whoever made me mad, must have done something really wrong to get me that angry. I remember it well, because about two weeks later. This same person wrote me an email saying what a horrible person I was.

The reason I was so horrible?

Because I had written a status about how great it felt just too really laugh and not feel so sad, after my first heartbreak. I know, right? How horrible I am.

It just really stuck with me, because of the contradictions in just a couple of weeks. I got a nearly four page email about how horrible I was, because they had been trying to make me laugh. Which I had never said that they didn’t. I’m sure we’ve all been there, when you have a really big laugh after something devastating. How good it feels. How releasing it is. Maybe they had just never felt that devastated before or something?

It was just a weird couple of weeks and then I felt like I couldn’t write anymore posts after that, without offending someone. This was way before it was “cool” to offended,lol. This was over 10 years ago.

So am I a horrible person or not?

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