Didn’t we all?

I kind of, to an extent, “get” very Conservative Christians thinking that children being dressed in drag as “child abuse”. I also don’t get it though.

Over the Australian Mothers Day weekend, I saw some photos of myself and my cousins dressing up. Now apart from my brother. I and one male cousin always dressed up as the boy, and my other male cousin (they are twins) always dressed up as the girl.

My brother is definitely a special case. I don’t think he knew what gay was  though until he got to high school. But he definitely was just always was. He didn’t even have to “come out” to my mum and me, because he just…was.

The male cousin though, that always dressed up as the boy, was gay. The male cousin that always dressed as girl, isn’t gay. Neither am I.

It’s just got me thinking, that didn’t we all play dress up in some form as kids? Seeing those photos made it clear to me, that dressing kids up as anything. Does not always mean that that’s how they’ll turn out. It’s possible, that someone like my cousin just thought being gay (as a kid) wasn’t “right”. We were kids in the 80’s, and although my family is opened minded. It doesn’t mean that everyone is his life was. One of my Uncles became a born again Christian and smashed all my mums vinyl records. His wife actually wrote a letter to my cousin, pointing out how God “condemns” the gay. Only apologising when her husband, my Uncle had a breakdown. My Gran (his mum) my mum, (his sister) and myself all do things “New Agey”. They realised after his break down, that human’s are humans. As long as you’re a good person, that’s the important thing.

Kids generally, enjoy big bright colours. So that’s not shocking too me either, that a lot of kids like Drag Queens. They are really big characters! I’m not even a kid and I enjoy their “bigness”.

Drag Race Drama GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race - Find & Share on GIPHY

Drag Queens You Need To Calm Down GIF by Taylor Swift - Find & Share on GIPHY

Sassy Drag Race GIF by Cosmopolitan - Find & Share on GIPHY

When I think about it, I don’t get why they see it as child abuse. Other then their just close minded.


2 thoughts on “Didn’t we all?

  1. It’s the hysteria that gets me. A handful of instances of people in drag talking to kids = radical indoctrination of kids by the evil LGBT liberal agenda… Centuries of dogma from the conservative religious right = absolutely fine.

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