…I have no idea that was about,lol. The closest we could come too was that apparently Obama kept some things from Trump, because Obama thought that Trump was compromised.

Now, I’m starting to think that the entire Republican party are actually punishing the American people. Since they “dared” to democratically vote in a black man. I say black man, because I believe that it could have been ANY black man. Not necessarily Obama. McConnell, as an example, has been trying to get “rid” of Obama for years. I think they honestly believed that they thought Trump was the best candidate to do their bidding. It has now severely back-fired, because Trump IS NOT OBAMA…IN ANYWAY WHATSOEVER.

Mainly because the Republicans are full of millionaire and billionaires, that have NO idea about the “real people”. I think they saw Trump as this charismatic person who hated Obama, and went “Yep”, we want him. Now, it’s back firing, because they had no idea who Trump even was.

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