Mind Continually Blown

What about OTHER lives?  They’re proving our point. That they, in fact, DON’T care about other people’s lives. They DON’T care about your family or friends or work colleagues. “Christian” Where did God or Jesus, tell you to care ONLY about YOUR life?

When did God and Jesus become so “ME, ME, ME”?lol. It’s not about their lives, it’s about OTHER’S lives. They care so much about a clump of cells, but not their own Grandparents, parents, friends, work colleagues, doctors and nurses, teacher, congregation. It is mind blowing. Your congregation can’t spend their money if they are dead.

They’re just proving that they care MORE about money than human lives “Christian” Don’t make me laugh. With “Christians” like these, the Devil is already here. You can’t spend money when you’re dead.

How can you spend money if you’re dead? You have more chance of coming back from poverty if you’re alive, don’t they think? So what are you REALLY afraid of? All those 60,000+ people COULD be spending money right now, if you’d done the RIGHT thing, and actually CARED about lives!


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