Dear Trump Supporters

How’s it going for the US? Trump knew in DECEMBER, and apparently HAD the pandemic book before then. And yet, did nothing until March. So yeah, he could have done something two weeks earlier and it would have been better…BY A LOT!

This is this the thing about people like the person above that annoy me. Trump could have done just SO much good. He COULD have nearly erased everything bad he had done before. Every other politicians popularity, went up in their countries. Trump stayed the same.(It’s the first time in History that had happened as well) Can you imagine the GOOD he could had done IF he had gotten his shit together in December? No, he decided to call it a Democrats Hoax, sell PPE to China. Golf, didn’t close the borders to Europe until March, where the epicentre of the virus was. Australia got most of it’s infections FROM America!

Can you all just at least acknowledge, that he COULD have done something other than nothing before hand? I don’t give a crap about the Democrats, none of them are the POTUS.


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