One of those stupid days

Hard to believe that in the current climate, we can still have a more-stupid-day-than-usual…day…

Woke up and it just got stupider from there:

  1. On Facebook, I follow a page called “Lost Pets of South Australia” it is fantastic! Unfortunately, on this day, a woman posted a picture of a cat that regularly visits her. She was saying that she was moving and she didn’t want to hurt the cat, by leaving it behind. Every one told her to take it! As I had to point out. That the cat was clearly not a stray, or it was a well looking stray. Too find out through it’s microchip who it’s owners are. If they don’t want to give up the cat, then the shelters have PLENTY of unwanted cats.
    I just could not believe that people were actually telling her just to take it! One even suggested to just take it and THEN look to see if anyone posted it as missing … Umm … NO.
  2. No matter what I do, including making a zip file. A job that I REALLY want to get. Asks you to apply online, and all the files are to large for it send properly. I can’t get to a good scanner, so I can’t just scan through. Which is what I’d normally do.
  3. For those who know, I watch Safari Live, a live internet feed of animals in Africa. So your lion, leopards, elephants and Hyena. Before I start my story, thanks to Safari Live. I know adore Hyena’s. I am no longer a “Hyena’s are totally horrible”. However, the main Hyena clan (The Djuma clan), has recently done a whole 180. Where the bottom ranking hyena, is now top and vice versa. So this has JUST happened. When they decided to post a video showing a guy called Kim, his less than three year old daughter, waving a stick at “child” hyenas and how he hangs around with Hyena. For some reason, everyone was like “Oh, I see no problem with this. He clearly knows what he’s doing”. Then when ONE person said, it was irresponsible for him to do so…Watch out!
    People started putting words in her mouth, and it pissed me off,lol. They said she was calling Hyena’s monsters, which she hadn’t. She HAD pointed that Hyena’s have not had hundreds of years of domestication. We have literally just gone through seeing a well-known Hyena clan, act unexpectedly. And we STILL don’t know how or why it happened!
  4. Apparently now the Left trust our Government? It’s tiring, at least the right are cohesive in their insanity. Suddenly things that the Australian Government have actually done, are conspiracy theories?

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