For my birthday Pt2

I’ve had to tell everyone who would normally buy me a present, to not buy me a present. Oh, I am so sad! I know that we should care about “things” and since I very rarely ever get what I ask for my birthday, and then usually have to share with family dinner on Mothers Day. Not only do I not get a cake for me, or get what I want for dinner…I have to clean up as well! As the fathers in our little family group, doesn’t occur to them to do the dishes.

So I stopped “sharing” my birthday.

Also I found out that my birthday is the same day as International Dance Day…Cool…

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I just don’t know what else to do really? I was thinking of also making my own cake, maybe do some zoom with my Mum? I do like the idea of the twitching, the only downside is my partner, is a teacher, and in Australia, he’ll probably be back at work. So I just don’t want to interrupt him.


8 thoughts on “For my birthday Pt2

  1. Would you get to see him later ? After work? Cause you could online twitch with everyone else – and then he’s most important anyway as your other half right? You could twitch with him later lol 😉✌️ …he the one you would get to be with. He should be the nervous one on how to make this special for you

    Hope you get to enjoy your birthday however you decide to celebrate it.

    Make sure you enjoy it… even with everything. Is your birthday! 🎂🎈✌️

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