That don’t impress me much…

*I think this became a therapy post,lol…I don’t know who else to talk to about this though*.

Just when you think your personal life is getting it together, why does someone else always have to go and stuff it up? I started to talk to my Dad again, and so far, so good. He seems to be doing things for himself that hopefully remind him not to think so negatively. Which has been great.

But then…

Someone else from my family is really, excuse my French, pissing me off.

I don’t know why my Mum keeps insisting on them hanging around either. It’s my Dads sister, but my mum and her were always really close. So they stayed “best friends” and I don’t know WHY. They’re horrible people, but my Mum keeps on insisting we have to make THEM happy. I’m at the end of my rope.

Now, they’re disrespecting me and my partner. Because…well truly, I don’t really get it.

At first I thought I was being paranoid, as one does. But then my Mum started to tell me how she wasn’t telling them anything anymore. She said and I quote “Every-time I get comfortable telling them more information about my life, they remind me why I don’t tell them anything. I’m going back to “Yes and No” answers.”

So what happened?

My mum, about two months ago, told my cousin about how she was thinking of taking Pippy (not deceased at the time) or possibly not to see my Gran. His response? “Oh you shouldn’t take her, let Lauren take care of her. It can be pay back for her making you take care of Travie”. Now Travie is my partners cat. He has fits, we’ve found a tablet that helps stop those fits. Over Christmas we had to travel 4 hours by car to see his family, so we stayed there a couple of days. My mum likes Travie, Travie likes her and there’s no one else we can ask to take care of him. She lives about a 15 minute car ride and all she has to do is give him this tablet which he NEEDS to save his life.

If she didn’t want to do it, she’d tell me at least. We have other people, but she’s closer and they both like each other. Which is not the point.

Looking after my furbabies…IS NOT PAYBACK! I LOVED being with Pippy, it’s why I’d go back to my mums so often. For anyone who thought I considered my puppy to be nothing more than a chore. Severally underestimates me. So that pissed me off, but then it got weirder.

After OUR dog died, they only gave cards to my Mum, like we hadn’t lost her as well. Not only that, but they’re taking it out on my partner too, and that is pissing me off.

My partner moved a couple of weeks or so ago, when he got the new house, when he actually bought it at auction. My mum offered him her dining room table. Now, he didn’t ask for it and she doesn’t want the table she’s got now. Apparently my nearly 60 year old cousin, decided that Terry was trying to take the table away from my Mum? Then one time when my Mum told my cousin that she was taking me for a driving lesson and that we were going to have lunch afterwards, he complained about that too! “Why can’t Terry take her? I bet you (my mum) is paying for lunch”.

One, my other wants me to have the freedom to drive. Two, I don’t really think that the guy who went into early retirement, before 50, because he’s lives at home with his mama and daddy his whole life and didn’t have to pay for anything, could just save. Has ANY right to question anybody else’s family and what they do. He didn’t pay off their house. We always know when he’s paid a bill or cleaned something, because he just HAS to tell everyone. Thirdly, Terry is not a confident drive. Fourthly, I PAY for the lunch. It’s my way of thanking her. I don’t give her $50 dollars like he does, and make her feel like a hooker.

So that has all been since the beginning of the year, and when my Mum told me I got really angry. We also noticed that they hadn’t given Terry, my partner, a present for Christmas last year, but they gave one to a family friends new partner of whom they hadn’t met before.

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Now, they were not invited to my Gran’s 80th, less than a week after my sunshine passed, but my partner was. My gran (my mums mum), doesn’t like them and actually hates my cousin. I don’t blame her. They complained that my partner was not family, but they were, so they should have been invited over my partner. Not only are they my mums ex’s-family, but my Gran doesn’t even like them. So when all the photos come up and onto Facebook, they decided to not like anything myself and my partner were in. Their 70 and 50!

I have now told my mum, I want nothing to do with them anymore. I am going to explode on them.


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There are also clearly other things that they have done, not just to me, but my Mum as well. That makes me actually fear my “manly” cousin when my Mum is alone with him. That I cannot write about on here. Let me to put it to you all, if my cousin does what he did to her, again…I WILL call the police on him. I want to do it now, but my mum wont let me. He didn’t do anything like rape her. However, because of what he did, she now is scared in her own home. There’s a car in our area that’s very similar to his and she was so convinced that it was him. That she stalked the car. It makes me SO angry.

I say “manly” because my cousin whose lived at home with his mummy and daddy his whole life. His parents call him manly…because…I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! I really don’t,lol. They said one of my Uncles (who they don’t speak to because of this) who had a break down isn’t manly because he had a break down…Except my cousin HAD a break down and he is still clearly paranoid. He was able to retire before 50, because he’s lived at home his whole life. He cheated in every single one of his relationship.

We know this because he didn’t tell his parents, he told them that his ex’s cheated on him, he told my mum. He also told my mum that he hid in a girlfriends cupboard to see what she got up too. They treated his ex-girlfriends horribly because of it. Then YEARS later they found out (because my Aunt is a Facebook stalker) found out that the only girlfriend that my “manly” cousin moved out with, for 6 months, across the street and two houses down. Was in a coma. She really thought she had some kind of right to contact this girls families and ask for updates. Her son and herself, treated this girl HORRIBLY! If someone doesn’t want to be find you on Facebook, there’s usually a reason for that!

3 thoughts on “That don’t impress me much…

  1. If you are just venting – ignore my response … but if you are interested in hearing opinions here is mine…

    Your mum sounds very trusting and seems like she just wants the family together – for some people… me included… you want that blood family connection. It’s a strong pull.

    However … blood or not… some people are just toxic.

    Hopefully is not dangerous for your mother… and I hope she’s smart with that. Obviously she knows she can not share details – have her just hold those back.

    I take a strong stance with my family – you don’t speak about me… if you wanna know how I am doing – ask me directly!

    When my mother was ok (now has Alzheimer’s) I told her – anyone who wanna know about me … have them ask ME! She doesn’t need to be in that position and I don’t need to be gossiped about. You wanna know, you ask me. Period

    Families are famous for family gossip – at least mine is. 🤨

    Don’t stoop to toxic levels and let a toxic person to umm?? upset you.

    Obviously you know who they are and how they are.

    If was me, how would I handle?

    Well I would tell my mom, if they can’t bother with me then they don’t need my details. If they have issues then they can grow a pair and come to me directly.

    Your mum can have a relationship if she wants but she seems to need boundaries with them. Hopefully is safe for her and also hopefully doesn’t upset her – we don’t need that in life.

    But any details regarding you or your partner – that’s your business.

    I am the peacekeeper of my family – but I do have some toxic family also… I know who they are and how they are … I keep contact… but keep a distance … I am the only one who still remains in contact with all. But I know who they are and how they operate – so I know who I can trust and turn to and who I can not.

    If I have a problem with them… I say my issue … I am usually polite … I’ll discuss and open to hearing what they have to say and then lay out how it’s gonna be. If they can’t deal – not my problem.

    I had a lot of issues with some of the toxic ones when my grandfather died.

    So I wouldn’t stress to much – they aren’t worth that. Just make sure your mum is safe and happy… hopefully doesn’t stress her out either. Do what you feel and think is right for your own well being and life.

    Don’t take their words or actions to heart. They sound hurtful (sorry) I am careful with people like that

    Good luck

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