Have you been upset, by how shocked you were by someone? Even in this time? I have been…Last week…

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I am shocked and don’t honestly know what to do. What do you do when someone you thought was a good person, but not only do you realise they support Trump, but now they’re spreading false information.

I’m still in shock to be honest…I’m a firm believe that when someone shows who they are, believe them. So why people aren’t believing Trump is also both evil and stupid, is beyond me. This is just about the virus by the way.

Cares more about the economy, than people’s lives.
Wont give medical supplies to AMERICAN CITIZENS, if they don’t like him.
Called it a hoax, wasting time and again…AMERICAN CITIZENS LIVES.
Which ironically, if he HAD taken it seriously and hadn’t wasted time. Not only would the death rate would be lower. But the people could go back to work sooner, and hence, help the economy quicker. Obama had the swine flu and still managed to NOT to ruin the economy.
Blaming someone (which even IF what Trump has being saying is true) who hasn’t been President for nearly 4 years, is STILL Obama’s fault, how? Even IF Obama did sell everything, why didn’t Trump buy it back? He got money from the Saudi Arabia Prince for selling the US military like a common milita. You remember, Saudi Arabia, right? Where the 9/11 terrorists came from.
Also, please show me where ONE person said that the virus getting out wasn’t China’s fault, or that that China didn’t hide it…No one has said this!
So if you STILL think Trump has handled it right, there is something WRONG with you. I don’t get how someone can call Democrats the Demoncraps, when the EVIDENCE is the complete opposite? Seriously, just Trump caring MORE about the economy than human lives, isn’t demonic to them? That’s just so Christian of them?lol

Oh, and let’s not forget the Chief Naval Officer that was fired, because he dared to ask for help for his fellow naval officers…So pro-military, so pro-life, so-theprotakingresponsibilityparty

3 thoughts on “Shocking

  1. Oh he completely handled incorrectly …

    There was a press conference today

    That’s just our numbers – we are well over 600,000!! And deaths whew! All deaths that could have been prevented or slowed to catch a better grip!!!

    I couldn’t watch but maybe 5 minutes of that press conference today because I just don’t wanna hear the fighting…

    We are here – this is what we have to deal with right now, can’t go back in time and he is who our leader is at this moment… we are at the mercy of his leadership right now.

    Many are upset and I get that… totally on board with that …but right now “f” the bullshit and get us through this – it’s killing us!!! I don’t wanna die – and I don’t want my mother to die… I want him to fricken stand up and quit the bullshit and deal with this, which he sucks at!! I don’t wanna hear his lame excuses or contradictions … I don’t care at this point – handle it NOW!!

    Now is not the time to fight about who did what and when… I just want to stop all this – I don’t want so many dying!!!

    I am not a Trump fan myself – I do not believe he is a good leader … maybe in business sure – but not to lead a country and it’s people. ☹️ Politics suck though and are corrupt – is all money driven.

    In response to the person in your life you are upset with…

    I have people in my life whom I love very much – some of those people are Trump supporters – that doesn’t make them bad people.. just how is – there are political lines …

    And everyone has a different opinion on things.

    It’s just hard when it’s heated. I turned off that news conference cause I just couldn’t listen to that.

    Maybe ask if you could not speak politically since your views are so different but you want them in your life?

    Just depends on how important they are to you. ✌️

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