3 thoughts on “Leader of Faith

  1. Lol 😄😄 … yeah … I am curious how November will go – I can’t even imagine

    November is supposed to be elections for president – this is gonna be a fun year I see 🤨😄😄 ✌️

    We all probably be doing mail in votes lol … and then who the hell we gonna pick? Lol Oh my god! So yeah let’s see how this goes … oh the entertainment or horror – depending on how you see it lol

    Not totally funny cause um … we do need a great leader – I don’t see any but we see … not impressed with or without lol – we have really sucky choices 🤨

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      1. Oh god lol… it’s gonna be interesting!! Many states have postponed their primaries … oh boy … Sh*t show!!

        I did like Elizabeth Warren too… but she’s out … I do NOT want or like Bernie Sanders – NO please … and it looks like our choices are going to be either Trump again… or Biden anyway… if we can get that far (the United States is taking a beating with this virus)

        I saw this article this morning 😮


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