Too the extreme!

I am sure that I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t like extremists of any “area” of life. Alt-right, Terrorists of any “domain”, Feminazis. There’s something else I really don’t like though. Grumpy people. Especially unnecessary grumpy people.

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Sometimes I think they’re worse than the extremists. If there’s no reason to snap at a perfect stranger, why do it? I get that some times in life, people can hurt you. I get that sometimes people let you down. But not everyone does that. Sometimes I feel I judge certain Christians and Atheists by their own actions, and I’m not surprise people mock them.

6 thoughts on “Too the extreme!

  1. I often have to remind myself not to judge. Unless something or someone is being cruel or Republican (sort of kidding).

    Many atheists don’t volunteer that info because the harassment and abuse we face is terrible. Many people don’t understand what atheism is.

    Some of us are very nice, too. 🤓

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