Judge not…Unless thy is 100% perfect.

So, if you have been watching the coronavirus toilet paper debacle in Australia happening, you would have noticed that people are going overboard. I do think it’s ridiculous, and, even know, I still feel sorry for people who actually NEED toilet paper. I read this article of this woman, who has a family of 16 telling people not to judge her, because she has to buy heaps of toilet paper during this time.

Now, I was all with her, until she started to preach about how she wasn’t offended by the stranger who made the comment of “Oh great, now all the toilet paper is gone” Instead of using it as a teachable moment, she decided to come onto social media and shame everyone for judging a stranger. Apparently her family has 8000 followers on Facebook, so she must be so well known.

When I looked at the comments, everyone said they were sorry for someone saying something so cruel about her family, or to her. It really ticked me off:

  • No one knows who the hell this woman even is, so the stranger wasn’t making comments about her family.
  • It’s a justifiable comment at this moment.
  • She kept saying she wasn’t offended, worse things have been said about her family. She clearly WAS offended, and the comment was not about HER family! She was all like “I’ve got real tough skin”.
  • As I pointed out to her, people have actually died, major cities are closing down and people are being stuck in their cabins for weeks at a time.
  • If the worst some STRANGER says to you, is a joke, about how you have a lot of toilet paper. You are pretty freaking lucky, and you do NOT have a thick skin.
  • It is not a common thing to have a family of 16, so I called her the “knowledgeable” one and asked her how we’re supposed to know the difference.
  • As I also pointed out to them, they don’t know this stranger either. They don’t know their story. Maybe they have a large family and can never find toilet paper, maybe they have bowel issues. Maybe a vulnerable member of their family bought the over priced toilet paper. Maybe someone they know are on the cruise ships.
  • As I also pointed out, that would have been a really good time to teach people something, not publicly shame strangers. WHO DON’T KNOW YOU.
  • For a post and comments about how not to judge people you don’t know, they were awfully judgemental of people they don’t know.

The funny thing was, a lot of people liked my comment. She had a lot of supporters, but not one of them made a comment on my comment or even used an angry face. I am hoping I made her think. It sounds really tough of me, but it’s not like she couldn’t find toilet paper, she found toilet paper. I wonder what she’s doing now.

3 thoughts on “Judge not…Unless thy is 100% perfect.

  1. We currently have our three children and two grandchildren at home with us but was still only allowed four rolls of toilet paper in the supermarket, the same as a single person. Now doing the maths if a single person can have four rolls I should have been leaving the shop with twenty eight!!

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