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My partner and I are moving into a home this week. I say home, because currently it’s been all rented. So we’re moving into our own home. Which is pretty exciting. Despite everything else. However, I am actually sad to leave our neighbours. They have been really good neighbours. Now we’re not besties or anything, but they have been good neighbours.

Before I even came alone my partner and his ex got into such a fight, they called the police. Which sounds, actually horrible, but how many times have we heard of neighbours doing nothing?

Anyways, what I would like to do is too give them something for being such good neighbours. We have little chats as we’re coming in and out and we talk to each other about things that are happening the neighbourhood. With everything though, I also don’t want to give them something contaminated.

I don’t know if I should make something, or buy something? Like a hamper, or make a hamper full of things?

4 thoughts on “Neighborino!

  1. Yay!! Congratulations on your new home!! You must be thrilled! 🍾🎊

    What a really nice thought for your neighbors…

    When you say hamper… do you mean like a hamper you put dirty clothes in? Like laundry hamper? Just clarifying cause not sure if different countries/different words for things.

    Any gift to say thank you is very kind and thoughtful.

    I would maybe do something like maybe some care items? Things they would need for these lock down moments? Since they took such good care? Take care of them back?

    But even a simple pretty plant or flower is thoughtful also. And will think of you both when seeing it…

    Like I said ANY gift is so thoughtful – I’m sure they will appreciate whatever you do… is always the thought that counts. ❤️


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