Let’s Share!…Electronically.

Although the Coronavirus is making most of us completely crazy. Whether it’s because you can’t buy toilet paper, or because you are just sick of hearing about it. It’s making most of us crazy in some way. For myself, I have anxiety and I’ve always been a little health paranoid and I HATE hearing about how Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals are running out of things, or don’t have enough >.<

That’s not what I want to write about here.

What I want to write about here, is if you have to isolate or “social distance” yourself. What are you going to do? I hate being sick, but I would hate being trapped even more! My partner told me we can go out into the back yard, so that’s good. I need fresh air, even if it’s freezing!


The problem with being stuck in, even your own house, for two weeks (14 days). Is that you will get bored very quickly. The first days always seem to be fun, but then the boredom creeps in and that’s when it can down hill fast. Mainly because you end up thinking about things and stuff. Which can one of two ways. You can either have great ideas, or really bad ones.


Seems like a good idea, but when you think about it. Everyone else will be doing it too (Look up Australia’s NBN and the problems there). If not working from home. So instead, I suggest getting out that old dusty DVD player. If you don’t already have DVDs, see if you can get someone else to head to the local library and get them to pick up a couple of DVDs. Download anything you want to watch. Netflix, for example, allow you to download movies, documentaries and tv series. You can’t play them in public, but you can play them in your own home.

(Any Australian Readers here?) 



Reading is probably one of the best boredom busters when you are stuck inside. I guess the question you need to ask yourself is if you want like book books or if you want to splash out and buy a Kindle. How many books do you even get? Do you know how many books, are on my book shelf, having bought them. From the mid of last year and I haven’t read them yet! This is because I keep borrowing books from the Library.


There is an ad in Australia that goes along the lines of “If you have a door, you have a gym”. Although clearly we have doors, I’m not talking about using your door as a gym. Just using your house as a gym, get into those summer bodies…or in Australia case, using exercise as a way to stay warm. Some places want you to stay inside, run up and down the hallway or stairs. There are many fitness gurus online or on YouTube. My favourite is the fitness marshall.

This video is my favourite one:

Uploaded by: The Fitness Marshall

Then after exercise you can do some Baking:

Now this one is a bit of yep and no. Mainly because it does depend on what you have or what you were able to get before you had to isolate. Now would be a good time experiment though.


I put these two together as I felt like they came under the same kind of topic heading. Now is a good time to get into those crafts! I really found some beautiful yarn, that really made me want to learn knitting. I love to do crafting, but I always feel like I should be doing something else. Now is the time to start! Even if it’s doing those “odd jobs” around the house that you keep putting off.


I have actually started a new book recently. I don’t want to say too much about it at the moment, because I just recently started it. I’m also thought working on an old, kind of book I’ve been writing for years now. I find it hard to write though when others are around. At the moment the school here haven’t been closed down, though we are expecting it any day. So, for now, my partner (a teacher)is still going to work. BUT he is moving over this weekend. So we are cleaning and packing at the moment.

Gaming (of course):

I, personally, can get lost for hours in one game. I have different games, but sometimes I just play one particular games for hours on end.



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