Bit of a dramatic way to start off the weekend. This actually happened a couple of weeks ago, but literally the day after I had already posted my post “Insanity”. In my other post, I was talking about how these Bernie supporters all came out and were just, horrible.


I have no idea what’s going on with me lately, but I have been so zen. Despite everything.

The next day…I made a joke on someones comment who was called the lefties “loony” and “insane”. My joke? “Well who raised the millenials, boomer”. OHMY…

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I thought Conservatives knew how to take a joke? This person decided to come onto MY Facebook profile and make a comment on every single public post I had. So ones about how paedophilia supporters got an Australian Honour Award titled “How low can Australia go”? The one about how Meghan Markle is getting treated worse than Camilla.


When I pointed out that he was now stalking me and harassing me, oh boy. Did that set him off! He kept on insisting on calling me an millennial, then got mad at me and called me a dickhead that I was calling him a Boomer. So I had to point out that I’m not millennial. I also made the “mistake” that his was supporting a paedophilia sympathiser, should we watch him too?


After a while (a few of my friends were like “whose this bozo). He kept saying things like I’m on a public page, not your profile…Except he was on my page. I don’t have that many public posts. I said “I made a joke and you decided to come on to MY profile to call me a lunatic.” I’ll do you for harassment and stalking. Then he said “well if you can’t take criticism” So, then we all pointed out to him, not only had he came over to MY page because I made a joke. Also, loony, millenial, dick head and lunatic are not criticisms. That’s just name calling, children know that.

What was funny, I wasn’t mad at him, I just thought he was a loser. I was more mad that, for some reason, I couldn’t report his comments from my own page? My partner could from his page, but I can’t from mine? So I went to his profile, what a troll. By troll, I think he’s a real person, but I think he thrives off of harassing us “lefty loonies”. I think he is a perpetual harasser.

The other thing was though, he kept going on about how he was in the Army. So he knows all about “respect” and I don’t have it. As I pointed out to him, how is it respectful to call people you don’t agree with “loonies” “dick heads” etc. Oh, he’s also a Greta Thunberg hater. So respectful. I was more mad at FB than him. I started to actually read what he writing. I think he has something “missing” So I stopped interacting with him and blocked him.

*I did actually contact the Police in my state as well, even though he lives in a different state. It might seem extreme, but I felt better for doing it. I don’t think he’s well. I felt dreadful, because everything he did, not just say…was pretty off. How many times have you come across someone who GOES to your profile, after you made a joke (and a true one at that) and then make a comment on EVERY SINGLE POST of theirs? How many times have we seen people kill and then everyone say “We didn’t see it coming” but then when you actually LOOK. You think, how could they not?*.


I went to Twitter, what was I thinking? Even more Bernie supporters insanity, they actually sounded insane. They are turning more into Trump supporters every day. They were calling Warren “the enemy”. Saying they would respect her more, if she just dropped out and supported him. (I said to them “Here’s a crazy idea, instead of you all attacking her. How about you all just support each other against, Trump. How crazy is that idea?”). I actually had to stand up for a Trump supporter, because apparently shooting Scailise was alright, because Trump supporters have shot more? What kind of logic is that? So it’s alright to try to kill people, just as long as it’s not as many as the other people? Here’s another crazy idea. How about it’s not okay to shoot ANYONE?!

Then, there was this…

Rowan Baxter, burned his children (and ex-wife) alive. After having MANY AVO’s against him, his wife left him, he killed himself with a much softer and harsh way. Funny, because the Detective she’s speaking about here. Apologised for his comments, only about an hour after she wrote this, and then he stepped down. I get why people were upset about his comments. I didn’t think he meant anything out of turn, but we’re still waiting for hers.

This “person” received an OAM (one of Australia’s highest honours), just about a month ago, for her ‘fair’ writings about men’s rights…I blocked her.





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