Nurture Thursday – Never Blame Anyone

Nurt Thursday – Never Blame Anyone

What is interesting about this, when I went to schedule this, I didn’t know what was going to happen this week. When Pippy passed, I finally admitted to my mum the next day, the guilt I had. In return, she told me that she felt guilty too. See, I knew that last weekend my mum was going to be out last weekend, for the whole long weekend.  Although I wanted to stay with the Pippy. My partner is also moving at the end of March, we’re soon having people through the house. So I offered to help him clean. My mum didn’t get home that night until about 10:00.

Pippy had been asleep when my Mum got home and she was wobbly, but fine. The other thing was last year, Pippy had an attack  of, what we thought, was vestibular syndrome, also known as “old dog disease”. We’re now wondering if it was a brain tumour or cancer. So my mum, when she rang me, thought that’s what it was again. As the emergency vet said this was probably also it.

My mum rang me and wanted to know if I could come over the next day, her Uncle is here visiting from the UK. She told me how Pippy was lying on her chest, just like she had the last time. I decided to come over straight away, that way my mum could just leave whenever she wanted the next day…

I think about 10 minutes after I got there, her breathing got funny. Very quickly, she didn’t make it to the vets.

Even though we both knew there was probably nothing the Vets could have done anyway. We both still feel guilt for not being with her, although she would have probably just slept the day away and we were both there in the end for her. She died in my arms, on the way to the vets. I’m not even 100% sure she knew I was there, She definitely was aware my mum was there. But we still feel we should have been there.


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