I miss…

So I thought that I would write about what I miss now. When I wrote my other blog called”So far, I’ve enjoyed 2020” It did actually make me think about the things I miss now too. Not necessarily “sad” things. Just things and bit that I’ve noticed don’t seem to be around as much anymore. See if you agree, and/or add your own too!

You know what’s funny? I started to write this, before the weekend that’s just past. I just want to say that I kind of miss…to be honest…Everything.

The year started off so well, and then it just kind of went downhill…Well, for myself and my family anyway. I was just talking to my mum about it last night.

The year started off:

  • Mum and her sister had booked tickets to go overseas and see family in UK.
  • My Grans big 80th, with her baby brother coming over.
  • My partner bought a new house.
  • My dog seemed better than ever.

How the year is going now:

  • Coronavirus, so far, travel hasn’t been banned to the UK.
  • My grans mental facilities is going down hill. Her brother who hasn’t seen her in about 5-10 years could tell on the first day. She keeps inviting people to her birthday.
  • My partners house is actually going well. It’s about the only thing. However, my partner is currently renting and they landlord and real estate agent hasn’t brought anyone through. Not that that will be our problem, but the landlords a nice guy. There’s only two weekends left, till we leave.
  • My dog died >.<
  • The cat got anal swollen glands. I even made a joke the night that Pippy passed, before I left, Travie had just gotten over his swollen his anal glands. I said “If it’s not one, it’s the other”…Now there’s only one =(
  • I’ve pretty much lost my job, although they have asked me to work on Friday…Which I don’t know if that’s a good day to work after not working for about three weeks…Friday the 13th!

Let alone all the politics and people in general. Honestly, at this point, if I won the lotto. I’m not sure how happy I’d be. All the important things are missing.


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