Back on my word, for this moment

Last night, Pippy slipped away from us very quickly  It was so quick, she didn’t even make it to the vets. She was with my mum and myself though. I know I make jokes about her being my unofficial therapy dog, but she really is. I know Travie loves me, but dogs are just different. She’s been through with me, bad relationships, bullies, toxic friendships, anxiety attacks and losing family…Through it all she always seemed like I was the bees knees  If I thought something was wrong with me, she’d still love me. I knew I was good, because she loved me When I was sad, she’d instantly make me happy  I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do without her. She hadn’t been 100% this past year, and I knew that she wouldn’t be around for many more years. So I started to take hundreds of video and pictures. She also always knew when the camera was on her, so there’s hundreds of photos of her looking like “Damn, she’s got that “thing” on me again, hasn’t she?”lol.

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